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Welcome to — my website, portfolio and blog. Over time, I will be adding a variety of materials including original paintings, illustrations, blog posts and more. This is also the home of The Veggi World Coloring Book! — a fun new illustrated book I’ve authored all about the benefits of natural foods. About The Book »

I daily ask to be a channel for the Divine Higher Intelligence, which people throughout history have referred to as God, Buddha, Nature, Allah, Shiva, Shakti and others. I simply ask to serve the people and live as one planetary family, holding all things common and making distribution according to need. About Me »

As you look around I hope you enjoy my work, and please feel free to post a comment on my blog or send me an email via the contact form with your questions, feedback or suggestions. Contact Me »

May my art and writings reflect the higher values of our human destiny and be useful as tools for healing the mind, body and soul.


It's Here! The Veggi World Coloring Book – A fun way to learn about natural foods | Info & Ordering »