In order to activate the high Divine energies within us, we must purify our chakras and know  mechanisms of decharging so that we can be clear channels for God…   This involves a process of understanding  that we as souls have an energetic structure…the Womb Chakra.

Females have physical wombs and therefore can access their own womb chakras …males must go through their mother’s womb chakra.   All females have womb chakras that go back to each mother’s previous mother’s womb chakra.  All mothers throughout creation go back to the ultimate Divine Mother which is the original soul essence/ energy structure of the manifest Universe.  The physical Universe is female in nature.  The unmanifest aspect of God is male in nature. The reason I bring this up is to remind all of us that it is through the sacredness of woman that we heal ourselves, and henceforth the planet. It is imperative that we raise our desires beyond base mortal sexual “thinking” and lift our hearts and minds up to the third eye…there is an in-depth science to this which comes from Sri Sai Kaleshwar Swami of Penukonda, India.   He has access to the primordial, ancient processes of healing all blocks…FEAR,  ANXIETY,   JEALOUSY,  HEARTBREAK,  DEPRESSION, HATRED,  GREED, INSECURITY, POLARITY-IMBALANCE w/ the Creation,  etc…    We  have the dross of this in the collective mind-bank of consciousness on this planet…It is heavily recorded here in the space and matter atoms.   Service to God through all humanity is essential in the new world structure being born on earth, however even Jesus had to go through the Mother to access the miracle abilities.  Selfless service is only one aspect of the planetary healing.  There are very real techniques to raise our energies up out of the mire of soul-sadness so that we can truly help, love and lift ourselves and the planet in deep healing ways.  For more information go to:

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